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  1. 2 Hours 55 Minute
  2. USA
  3. ratings: 9,2 of 10 Star
  4. release Date: 1972
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The beginning is set late in the summer of 1945. The films roots, however, are set in the gangster films of the early thirties. The plot is about rival gangs murdering each other, and now we see the inbred corrupt system of loyalty and terror, in which killing is a preferred way of dealing with the competition. We see how the gangs encroach on each other and why this form of illegal business inevitably erupts in violence. We see their subculture, based on a split between the men’s conception of their responsibilities, which they keep dark form there families, and the false world the create to shelter the women and children.

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The “Godfather” is Frances Ford Coppola’s best film. Marlon Brando gives the most memorable performance in film history as Vito Corleone. The Movie is based on the gripping and compulsive book, The Godfather. Al Pacino gives a legendary performances as Michael Corleone.



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